Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Japanese rose and writing.

In August 2008, I did a similar post and it attracted 828 hits.

I liked the Japanese Rose, it is nothing like a rose that you are familiar with. In USA, it is called a moss rose. It is a succulent or a bush.

Portulaca grandiflora hybrids grown in Singapore Malaysia.

The common varieties in Malaysia are many-petaled (doubled) hybrids which comes in different colours: white, red, pink, orange and a white-pink combination.

There is also a single layer petal, and the leaves are broader.

Japanese Rose makes a nice ground cover, borders and beds in the sun. It also makes a good hanging basket plants.

My paternal Grandfather grew many kinds of flowers in the garden of his big bungalow.

The Japanese Rose has reddish stems. It grows like a grass carpet with green single thick pine needle like leaves. He grew them as borders for the opulent look, the one inch rosette-like flowers are beautiful and can be cut for a little vase. Grandfather’s footpath to the house is very long, and on both sides of the footpath are lined with the beautiful flowers.

The Japanese Rose blooms only in the morning under strong sun. In the afternoon, the rosette closes up into buds but they still look very beautiful.

In NTU, there was a ruling that residents could grow only in pots and not directly in the ground except at the gardening club allotment. I grow my Japanese Rose in pots. I have a whole border of red, pink orange and white Japanese Rose leading to my house. If you drive out from the North Spine car park, there is a nice border and patch of beautiful Japanese. Slow down and appreciate and smell the flowers.

Japanese roses make me smile. I started blogging much longer than FB. I wrote about my Japanese Rose. 

Some time last year, someone googled and found my blog. He asked me to write about his product. I told him, I am a writer, and get paid when I write. I told him, when I write for my interest and on my own volition, I don't charge. But if someone asks me to write, I charge. 

He didn't come back, which is a shame because I told him I would introduce to many  forums.

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